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    Evil-exorcising Dance 

    Evil-exorcising Dance is a kind of group dance, featuring seven lead performers, one carrying hundred-family umbrella and six wearing masks in different colors representing six gods, i.e. pairing, good fortune, wealth, longevity, happiness and completeness.There are two performance forms for Evil-exorcising Dance. One is, after visiting different villages, the team performing sacrificing rituals walks along field ridges to come to the roadside between fields. Led by the Goddess of Mercy, the team forms a column and then changes into a row to ward off and dominate ghosts and monsters. They will beat the drums continuously and their shout shakes the sky. The other is, led by white Goddess of Mercy, six gods follow in order and hundred-family umbrella, band, vertical flags, triangle flags bring up the rear. The team shouts aloud while walking along the field ridges. All the fields will be blessed with rain and receive generous harvest.     

    Jiangle Nanci 

    With a history of more than 130 years, Jiangle Nanci is full of strong local features. It adopts Hakka dialect, singing going with words and words going with singing. Humorous and catchy, it is loved by both men and women, young and old. Nanci can be performed by several people singing without music accompaniment or by a person playing and singing alone. Till now, there are various performance forms for Nanci, including singing while sitting, singing with dancing and dancing. Traditional pieces include Meeting at the Broken Bridge, Caging Bewitch in Alms Bowl, Meeting in Reed Forest and Wang Zhaojun.   

    Shaxian Shoulder Play 

    Shoulder Play, also called Shoulder Ground, is a local play in Shaxian, featuring a child performing on an adult’s shoulders. It is a traditional folk art with a unique style in China. With unique performance skill, nice singing, diversified tunes and free performing places, it is reputed as “a miracle of folk arts on shoulder”. Originally, it adopted Xiaodiao Beating Flow Drum popular at that time to perform such plays as Little Cowherd and Mending Vat. Later on, it adopted Nanci in performing Catching Boat and then in performing such Peking operas as Yellow Crane Pagoda, Xue Pinggui Bid Farewell to Wife and The Fourth Son Visited His Mother.  

    Taining Meilin Play 

    Colloquially called “Taining Big Play”, Taining Meilin Play is a local-color play popular in the border area between Fujian and Jiangxi. Meiling Play features a simple and rough art style. Dancing, reciting and acrobatic all have their own conventional performing styles. The singing is mainly composed of pihuang (short for xipi and erhuang), bozi (short for gaobozi) and Chuiqiang. It also includes NanciBeidiao, Xiansuo, SipingDiao, Qingban, xiaodiao, etc. Musical instruments include light music (string and pipe) and heavy music (gong, drum, plate); musical tunes are mainly string and pipe accompaniments. The roles in Meiling Play are reputed as “seven roles are tight, eight roles are loose and nine roles are unfettered”. There are five types of roles: sheng (male) dan (young female), jing (painted face, male), mo (middle aged male) and chou (clown, male or female). There roles are complete and the singing is full of mountain song flavor. It is rough and melodious, with a different kind of savor. Traditional pieces include Dragon Belt, Blue Waist Belt, Qiankun Belt, Shuangui and Dangui Tu, etc. 

    Bench Dragon Dance 

    Dragon dance is a popular folk game played on New Year’s Day or other festivals. People play dragon dance to add happiness atmosphere to the festival and pray for well-being and health in the coming year. Bench Dragon Dance is full of fun. The men in a family will form a Bench Dragon Dance team. Each bench represents a man in a family. The benches are connected end to end with iron buttons. People carrying benches walk zigzagging in the village or along field ridges is really a marvelous scene. It is a custom that people pray for favorable weather and generous harvest.

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