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Chung Dak

We are extremely happy and satisfied with our tour guide Chung Dak and driver Nima. We wish them all the best for the future.

Tashi Bula
We had a very nice trip. The guide Tashi Bula and driver Laba did everything to make the trip pleasant for us. We received a lot of information about Tibet and Buddhism. We can recommend this trip to everybody.
Thubten Yexhe
Many thanks for the very well organize trip to Tibet. The all trip was excellent. Thubten our guide very helpful and genteel and the drivers also.




A wonderful (Tibet) tour. A perfect team! I can really recommand this tour, the guide and the driver!!
Buchung and Dschombe were our guide and driver during our trip from Lhasa to Kashgar from 15 May to 30 May 2010.
Buchung and Dschombe were the best possible team, we can imagine Buchung being a guide with high experience of all relevant places during the trip, deep knowledge of historic and religious background, and full dedication to make the journey as suitable as possible for his guess. He was always very friendly and kind, supportive and pro-active, and we felt part of "his family". He always found the best possible places to stay overnight, the best and most clean restaurants, and was extremely flexible with respect to our wishes His capabilities and performance made our trip an unforgettable, and beautiful experience.
Dezom has a very friendly and open-minded attitude towards clients and her knowledge about Tibet custom and traditions as well as Buddhist Geography and the monasteries and sights on the way is just fantastic. She never got tired giving answers to the many different (and sometimes may be even a little strange) questions a foreigner has when he is travelling to this country. She not only finished all the items of sightseeing but, moreover, was suggesting to make a stop in Garden on the way to Lhasa (which was not part of the program) when she realized that I was interested in seeing that place. At the same time she made it possible for me to see and experience a little more about the temple and monasteries in the Lhasa area which was beyond a standard program. She was always punctual, taking care about safety and personal belongings and she was experienced in all matters which concern a trip like this one. All in all, she has been a great guide giving me wonderful impression about this trip.
Maßgeschneiderte Sichuan Reise
Wir spezialisieren uns auf Erstellung der individuellen Reisen mit einem engagierten Experten-Team wer Ihnen bei der Planung des perfekten Urlaubs helfen kann. Entwerfen Ihre Sichuanreise kostenlos mit unserer Hilfe, Ihrem einmaligen Interesse zu entsprechen.
ich bin gerade wieder zu Hause in Deutschland angekommen und möchte mich bei Ihnen sehr für die gute Organisation und Reiseplanung bedanken. Die Reise hat sehr viel Freude bereitet, es war rundum eine gelungene Sache. Wir fühlten uns auch am Ende der Reise an der Grenze sehr von Ihnen unterstützt und hatten das Gefühl, daß sie sich wirklich für uns einsetzen und alles, war geht, für uns unternehmen...
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